HVAC Temperature Controllers: Different Than Thermostats

A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, also called the HVAC system, have a lot of different components that work together to be able to keep us safe and comfortable when we stay in our indoor bubbles. These components include various different sensors, equipment, and supplies. Two of the most important equipment in an HVAC system are the thermostat and the temperature controllers, which are different from each other in purpose but are often confused to be the same thing. These two components are very similar in purpose and functions which both involve the regulation of the indoor atmosphere temperature.

What is the role of a thermostat in an HVAC system?

A thermostat can be easily defined as a temperature sensor in a specific area or room of your home or building. It functions as a way to let you and the HVAC system now what the specific temperature of an area is and allow the system to respond to it accordingly. It allows the entire HVAC to correct a warm temperature by turning on the air conditioning unit until the desired and programmed temperature is reached. In the past, a thermostat is simply a sensor sitting in on your room’s wall and it simply informs you of the temperature so that you can turn the air conditioning unit or the heater accordingly to get the room temperature that you want. Today, modern smart thermostats are available, and they can be connected to the cloud with you modern HVAC system and other smart home systems. This allows you to be able to program and set up a temperature you want to get in the room in specific times of the day and the thermostat will monitor it for you and inform your HVAC system of the necessary adjustment.

What is the role of a temperature controller in an HVAC system?

A temperature controller is a device that changes and controls the temperature of a room or equipment. It is a device component that allows you to change the temperature of your air conditioning units and heaters. In a modern HVAC system a temperature controller works together a thermostat to give you the best service and experience you deserve.

How do the temperature controller and the thermostat work together?

In modern HVAC systems, the thermostats and temperature controllers are connected to each other. Since thermostat is only a temperature sensor, it the one that gathers the data and sends it to the temperature controller and the temperature controller is the one that changes and adjusts the temperature indoors to keep you comfortable.